Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Following Is a Sequence

Let Christians offer sacrifice of praise
To Christ the Victim in these Easter days.
The Lamb has purchas'd back his sheep gone wild,
And Christ (though free from sin) has reconcil'd
All sinners to His Father. Death and life
Have met in conflict and in wondrous strife.
The One who died, but came alive again
Life's Leader, starts his resurrection-reign.
O Mary, speak; explain to us and say
What thing you saw while walking on your way!
The tomb of Christ who lives, I saw the glory
Of Him who rose; the angels told the story.
I saw the cloths that wrapp'd his limbs and head,
For Christ, my hope, is risen from the dead!
He will precede his own to Galilee.
We know that Christ is risen verily
And dies no more! Have mercy, Victor King,
On us who now your Paschal paean sing,
On us who laud you (for you live again)
And chant you Alleluia and Amen.

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  1. An original translation?? Either way, splendid. One of those poems whose meter is so well-crafted that you almost don't notice it; and which I admire without being able to replicate.

    A truly beatific post -- thanks.

  2. ... not to mention the pun-derful post title.

  3. I wish to thank Your Excellency for these kind words. It is, indeed, an original translation that I made last Easter. It is, of course, equally appropriate this year in hoc potissimum [tempore]. (T.P. Alleluia.)